EMC Insulation | I’m Breathing What?!
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I’m Breathing What?!

Not only can users reduce their monthly energy bills up to 40% after installing spray foam insulation but what most people do not know is what is also reduced after spray foam insulation is installed.

Around this time of year Arizonians begin to notice that their allergies start easing their way back. Throats begin itching, eyes start to water, and let’s not forget to mention the annoying sneezing and wheezing almost all of us have experienced all of which are very common with the changing of the seasons. The dust, pollen, sand, and pollution that resides in Arizona sneaks into your home and is a main reason why you begin to feel the way you do this time of year.

Those who have recently moved to Arizona can most likely say from experience that their home is far dustier than the state they lived in before. This might be due to the fact that Arizona is a dustier state than most or it might be because homes in Arizona are on average are not built as tight as some of the homes built throughout the country. Whichever it may be insulating your home with spray foam could be a huge solution to your allergenic issues. 

All of the dust, pollen, sand, and pollution enter the home through the process of air exchange which can occur through your windows, cracks, and really anywhere the air can pass through. Even the small holes in your electrical outlets allow dust to flow through. Because spray foam expands to 100 times its application size once it’s installed all that air is no longer circulating throughout your home. Consider the picture of the dust storm, or haboob, pictured above; where do you think most of that dust and other particles reside when it travels passed your home?